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Ask about our day-trip itineraries and packages that offer something rewarding for everyone.

Colby Hill Inn caters to romantic couples, families, private meetings or events, people who are looking for outdoor recreation, and foodies who are seeking an innovative meal crafted from foods within our region.

The Melrose Plantation in Natchitoches was first known as Yucca Plantation when it belonged to Marie Thérèse and Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer, freed slaves.

Yucca House, found on the grounds was built in the 1790s.

Upon arrival, one of the first things all guest want to do is to grab one of our freshly baked cookies and then meet our baby French Alpine goats Annabelle, Chloe, Gertrude and Lucy.

Obituaries and death notices are two of the primary ways to announce someone's death.

In early European customs, the wedding ring was part of the exchange of gifts between families.

While death notices tend to be shorter and do not contain much information beyond the name of the person, the date of death and the time of the funeral service, obituaries often read like biographies in their own right, listing the achievements of the decedent, the highlights of their life, likes and dislikes, and also family members who had predeceased them and those who have survived them.

We sit on the scenic and historic Currier and Ives Byway.

Since we are located in nearly the geographical center of New England, only 90 minutes north of Boston and 25 minutes from the Manchester airport, we are the perfect location for exploring the best of New England.

The Big House is a West Indies Creole plantation house with early Greek Revival details.

At the turn of the century, Melrose became the home of John Hampton Henry and his wife Camie, a patron of the arts.


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