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He also has a present: his six-times-weekly radio show on New York’s Hot 97 is the top-rated terrestrial radio show in the world by a long shot. It’s no secret that FM audiences have been on the decline for more than a decade, and in a panel at last week’s SF Music Tech Summit, Flex shared his common-sense view of exactly how the radio business is failing listeners.As panel moderator Jesse Kirshbaum noted, “If Flex drops a bomb, it turns into a global smash.” He talks almost continuously throughout any major debut, rewinding the opening bars and unleashing atomic sound effects all over the place, even pausing the track to sing its praises in his signature snarl before starting it back up and dropping even more bombs.While Zedd continues to remain quiet about his current relationship status, Selena has been dating fellow singer The Weeknd since January and made their relationship official by attending the 2017 Met Gala together in May.about her love life, admitting The Weeknd is her 'best friend'.'I don't depend on one area of my life to make me happy.After rushing to the hospital, Kidada stated that she was handed Tupac’s bloody clothes and was told that Shakur had no blood pressure when he arrived. Before the hook-up, Tupac had made some harsh remarks about Quincy Jones only dating white women in which resulted in messed-up kids.Visibly shaken, Jones recalls that she then headed to the parking garage and walked around for 9 hours repeating to herself that “He couldn’t die.” “I knew we should’ve never gone to Vegas that night. Kidada ran into Pac at a night club in which the rapper apologized to her for his remarks; they later started dating.I want to take a victory lap, to do a world tour and really enjoy it one last time.'Once that final hurrah is finished up, 'then I want to do different things and have different experiences,' one of which is an enhanced focus on acting. He started carrying records for pioneers like Red Alert and Chuck Chillout 30 years ago in the Bronx, which places him squarely at the birthplace of hip-hop radio DJs.

Sean, who's 47 years old now, had accessorized with a tangle of necklaces including the Mercedes-Benz symbol, as well as with a pair of aviator sunglasses. posed with Keith Paciello - whose brother Chris owns Rockwell - and DJ Spade, who'd got a black V-neck on beneath a white coat.These are all questions that unfortunately she would never know the answers too.According to published reports, Kidada Jones was one of the last people to have spoken to Tupac. After asking him those questions, Kidada stated that he nodded, “Yes”.“Otis” may be an amazing song, but only one radio DJ knows how to make its debut a sound bite to remember — one you might even share with your friends on Sound Cloud. well, they’re just links, the stuff of analytics and monetization. for a lot of people radio is a step into being an entertainer and doing television and other things.” The loss of creative curatorial personality isn’t something that’s going unnoticed by the new titans of media, though: in a panel called “Streaming Huge Amounts of Music,” representatives from Pandora and Vevo lamented the fact that they didn’t currently have a good framework to inject DJs or VJs into the mix, but hinted that they’re actively exploring ways to include them (or something like them) in the future.As radio necessarily becomes an ever-smaller part of his empire, we’re losing what I think is the very best part of his art: the act of being a curator, of sculpting a string of songs with turntables, a microphone, and bomb-packed samplers. I got that passion from Chuck Chillout, Red Alert, and Mr. I may be dating myself now, but I really hope they get that figured out quick — in a net flooded with half-assed music and jaded tastemakers, it’s hard for me to get as excited about music as I did back in the good old days of cassette-taping songs off the radio. Rick Ross, French Montana, Plies & Maino - Flicka Da Wrist (Remix) 11.


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