Who is connie britton dating

If you're Nashville's Connie Britton, though, who celebrates her 47th birthday on March 6, none of that applies.The older you get, the better your roles are — and the whole thing about women looking worse as they age?

"Younger men and all that." It's not that she has a particular pattern of dating younger men, she clarified.The TV star, who also appeared in the first series of American Horror Story, as well as starring in all five seasons of ABC hit Friday Night Lights, admitted that she feels lucky that none of her roles have ever been particularly dependent on her appearance.She explained that this has helped her to the pressure to always be beautiful that is put on so many other actresses her age - who often struggle with the demands placed on them with regard to their beauty.Having lived in Hollywood throughout most of her 30's, during which time she was able to try 'every possible potion, herb, and cleanse', she slowly began to determine what elements from each one worked best for her and her day-to-day lifestyle.Much like her scaled-back everyday beauty philosophy, Ms Britton explained that when it comes to her overall outlook on health and beauty, she worries less about her physical appearance and more about her physical wellbeing, and the overall health of her body.'It makes you realize how many things that we put on our bodies every day that may have ingredients in them that are not good for us, particularly as women when we’re wearing so much makeup and creams,' she explained.In honor of her birthday, here are 9 amazing facts you might not have known about Connie Britton.


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