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My grandfather, R' Moshe Farbodsky, who was known to all the residents of Stolin and the Hassidim of the “rabbi” of Stolin by his nickname “ Moshe Ha'Zunder” – was a popular Jew who stood out in his simplicity and his good manners. Leading a Torah scroll that its writing has been completed. Someone is dancing with the scroll in his hand under a Chuppah. At night, the old man, the rabbi, ascends the mountain with everyone to watch the sunrise from the summit… In the morning, the rabbi will hitch these horses, four across, to his carriage and travel to the wilderness.

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As an enthusiastic Hassid he was cheerful and happy, and as a devout Jew he had faith in everything that God has done in his world. We knew our grandfather's habits very well and greatly enjoyed his enchanting tales about tzadikim and eternal life.

He was a friend to every person, and even though he was faithful, in his heart and soul, to the house of his Admor, he was also a friend to those who shunned the Hassidut. His kind eyes sparkled in a special light when he walked briskly with his pipe in his mouth.

The thumb of his left hand is placed inside the sash of his kaftan, and the palm of his right hand is smoothing, with affection, the shiny mane of his horse. In the summer, we return to the old man in Galicia and spend the end of the summer with him in the mountains, the Carpathian Mountains…

Before darkness, the Stolin Rabbi stands in the stable next to his black horse, his purest horse, together with little Zechariah.


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