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A year later, he began wrestling for the WWE and eventually went by Triple H, the name he would be most commonly associated with.Triple H went on to win a WWF Championship in 1999.The Madonna-Whore complex is a notable contrast to the The Three Faces of Eve as it ignores the Wife archetype (one who is sexually active but morally good/"pure") and creates a False Dichotomy between the Child and Seductress.That said, many Madonnas wives, though they are more often mothers or sisters, or other females with close emotional ties to whomever considers them a Madonna.Some of them have wrestled, while others became a bigger star than the man they accompanied to the ring each week. Velvet Sky Velvet Sky made a few appearances in the WWE, but she did most of her work in TNA, which is unfortunate because it definitely limited her exposure.Here are the 25 all time hottest women in wrestling. AJ Lee Not only is AJ Lee one of the most beautiful women the WWE has ever seen, she also one of the most talented female wrestlers they’ve had, as she’s a three time champion and was PWI’s Woman of the Year in 20. Nonetheless, she’s one of the hottest female personalities the company has ever seen. Rosa Mendes Fans of Rosa Mendes were thrilled to see her make a return at Survivor Series this year as Fandango’s new dance partner after some personal issues kept her away from the ring for a few months.

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The World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., often referred to as just WWE, is the most prominent professional wrestling company in the industry.During the interview, Lynch spoke about whether or not pro wrestling gives her... Former WWE and GFW Superstar Matt Morgan announced this week that he is entering the political arena.She now has a softcore website with a strong emphasis on foot fetishes. Ashley Massaro After winning the 2005 Diva Search, Ashley went on to compete for the Women’s title at Wrestle Mania 23, as well as appearing on the cover of the April 2007 issue of Playboy and was a contestant on Survivor: China. Dawn Marie No matter who comes along in female wrestling, Dawn Marie will always be the queen of the catfight.Her brawls in ECW were legendary and she became as just as vital to the company as stars like Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, and The Sandman. Kelly Kelly Kelly was grabbed up by the WWE with no experience whatsoever in wrestling and quickly became the youngest Diva on their roster and soon captured the Divas Championship title.You can also catch her on Total Divas Season 3 on the WWE Network. Sable No matter what accomplishments Sable had in the ring, nothing could compare to the fact that she made Jerry Lawler yell, “PUPPIES! Sable was what happened if late night Cinemax started wrestling. Candice Michelle Even if you don’t watch wrestling you’ll probably recognize Candice Michelle as The Go Daddy Girl from those web domain commercials that made everyone at your Super Bowl party awkwardly quiet for a few minutes. Eve Torres Eve won the 2007 Diva Search and after managing several wrestlers and participating in WWE bikini contests, she won the Divas title in 2010.


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