Seriousintimacy dating

“We’re just not trained to speak in emotional language,” Gleason says.

But in an intimate relationship, you’re constantly feeling some sort of emotion, whether it’s longing or anxiety or joy.

“The more that we’re able to put into some sort of language and convey it to our partner, that these are my inner experiences right now, the more empathy there is in the relationship,” he says.

“The obverse of that is that the less I can say, this is my inner experience, the more my partner is going to be reacting to my outer behavior, oftentimes with judgement and frustration, rather than where they would relate to your experience with Say, for example, on a given morning, you’re having breakfast together and you have an appointment coming up — with your boss, maybe — that you’re really worried about.

But instead of putting those anxieties into words, you gaze into your phone.

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