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The company had technology for virtualization, cloud automation and backup and recovery.

You see a normal logon to target mailbox, then the synchronization of a message deletion and then when MTA tries to write to the tracking database it fails.’, locale ‘1033’, codepage ‘1252’, Entry Id ‘0000000 […] Sync Machine:: Init Trace Msg 2203 Locking tracking database ‘d:\emwmta.dat’.

Once you arrive to Windows 2008 with Advanced Firewall and you run DCDiag you could end up with “error 0x6ba The RPC server is unavailable.” This is the result of the remote DC not allowing RPC connections from the firewall being enabled.

For anything but the smallest of networks, migrating to a new Active Directory (AD) domain can be a complex affair.

I recently evaluated these two products on the basis of how easy they are to install and use, their features, and their documentation.

Net IQ Domain Migration Administrator is easy to install, although a SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, Standard, or Express database must be installed separately.


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