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In terms of what they’re supposed to do, how they’re supposed to act, even if it’s in really regressive subservience. There is a teen comedy which is probably seen in a very poor light. I didn’t necessarily search for any particular narrative with regards to “what I should do”, but even if I had wanted to, there wasn’t really anything to look to.And so, I ended up watching the film when I was compiling a list of good queer romantic comedies, guarding myself for the worst. But, simultaneously, it was endearing, bizarrely honest, even a little progressive.While normally people ponder big decisions when the New Year rolls around, there’s no statute of limitations on questioning your life choices. Buzz Feed has a helpful checklist to help you decide whether you need to rethink your career, regardless of the date on the kitten wall calendar. The yearly round up of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood just got a big upgrade thanks to creator Franklin Leonard.He announced that today The Black List will launch a new online service called that will allow Hollywood insiders the ability to keep track of the most […] Hey you, want to spend the afternoon with a psychopath?Towards the end of Andrew Haigh’s Weekend, Glenn (Chris New) gives a local bartender a spiel about heteronormativity.

Taking place over the course of four years (on four consecutive Valentine’s Days) this achingly romantic indie from Filipino auteur Adolfo Alix Jr.

The current installation is by artist John Cooper - who wove garden hoses throughout the house - creating a maze that brought out the kid in all of us.

Elizabeth Streb also presented a talk at the Contemporary Austin - Jones Center.

The couple were very blessed to have each other and were also planning to get married soon in the future.

But unfortunately, they pair split up and announced on the Radio 2 show which was co-presented by Maria Mc Erlane where he stated that he would prefer to be alone rather than in a relationship.


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