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Pumpkin – I do not know a person who would not like to be called a “pumpkin”. Puppy / Pup – Because he is as cute as a little puppy. Muffin – Everyone loves muffins and he will love this nickname. Doodle Bug – Everyone loves such a cute and sweet bug. This nickname is sure to bring out his devilish smile.

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If you’re tired of using the same ones and want something new and creative to call him, we have the ultimate list of really cute nicknames for guys! Dancing Madman – Cool as a Madman, you know that ONE! Papa Smurf – Now this one is super infantile but really stylish. Judge – Judge, like a strong, loyal and law obeying citizen. Sleepwalker – This man looks like he is stoned all the time.

By the way: If you want to check out great nicknames for girls, read this: 150 Really Cute Nicknames for Girls Hawk – Hawk is someone strong, cool and brave. Dangle – There is nothing wrong with Dangle, but it’s kinda meh. Knuckles – He is strong and powerful like a Peaky Blinder! Vegas – What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Good Lookin – Old school (but cute) pet name that will get the job done. Cuddly Bear – For a guy who loves to cuddle all the time. Panda Bear – Because he’s cuddly, and guys like him are rare. Popeye – For the sailor, or guy who likes to stay fit.

Do you and your guy love calling each other cute nicknames or pet names?

Cute nicknames for your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Pet.

Everyone loves a nickname as long as it makes them feel confident.

A quick and easy way to come up with cute nicknames for girls is to get creative with her name.

E.g if your girlfriend’s name is Katherine, you can call her the following pet names: Cathy, Katie, Katie Pie, Sweetin.


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