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Does anybody have an idea why Core Dump Directory isn't working on Ubuntu? I can see no core-dump files to give me a hint on the error.More info: note that the subdirectory in /tmp will be removed after reboot, causing apache to not start due to configuration errors. /tmp is chmodded 777 so anyone can read/write [email protected] sudo ulimit -c does not work because -c is also an argument of sudo.TODO: Formatting -- I think I (Keith) got it right; please fix any errors.FIXME: Software versions described are outdated; please update as appropriate, for current versions.I have an application that I am debugging and I'm trying to understand how gdb works and why I am not able to step through the application sometimes.

I would like to step through this sequence of calls with GDB, however my break points causes the child not to run or interrupt system calls which cause the parent to terminate.

First you'll need a basic compiler setup -- Min GW and MSYS -- in order to run the configuration scripts.

bison and flex are also required in order to build a GCC toolchain from source.

This set of Linux / Unix questions and answers focuses on GDB. The command “gdb sanfoundy” a) will start debugging for the file “sanfoundry” if the file is compiled with -g option with GCC b) will create executable for debugging c) will provide all errors present in the file “sanfoundry” d) none of the mentioned Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Linux Administration & Programming.

For debugging with GDB, the file “sanfoundry” can be created with the command a) gcc -g -o sanfoundry sanfoundry.c b) gcc -g sanfoundry.c c) gdb sanfoundry d) none of the mentioned 6.


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