Dating contracts for teens

In Bangkok we stay in a modern hotel in close proximity to the main attractions and best parts of the city.

In Koh Samet we stay at a laid-back boutique resort right on the water.

One survey reports that only 16% of mothers and 19% of fathers say their children (ages eighteen to twenty-five) have reached adulthood.

Even more alarming is that their kids don’t dispute it: only 16% consider themselves to be adults.

The percentage of American children, or ‘kidults,’ in their mid-twenties living with their parents has nearly doubled since 1970. Other adult children who had previously left are coming back after completing college or because of economic or personal problems.

This phase is characterized by identity exploration, instability, focus on self, feeling in limbo, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

These characteristics are accompanied by transience, confusion, anxiety, obsession with self, melodrama, conflict, and disappointment.

VANCOUVER - NDP Leader John Horgan has advised BC Hydro not to sign any new contracts on the divisive Site C hydroelectric dam project.

The .8 billion dam will be the third on the Peace River, flooding an 83-kilometre stretch of valley, and local First Nations, landowners and farmers have fiercely opposed the project.


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