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It was said that Regan went into little depression after the separation.

There were a lot of reports about him and his partner post the separation.

He must feel some kind of pressure (maybe from his friends? And if that’s the case, I wonder how his wife feels about all this?

For the record, actor Brian White doesn’t hate Black women.

White, who stars opposite Tyler Perry in (out this Friday), says his comments were taken way out of context, and as a brother to five sisters; he’s far from a Black woman basher.

We caught up with the actor to dig deeper into his thoughts on Black women and reality shows (especially Ne Ne Leakes), and find out whether his interracial marriage may affect how people perceived his comments.

He charged Wilson £300,000 a year plus expenses, took a share of the group’s record royalties and persuaded him to change his will to leave him 70 per cent of his estate.

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For ten years, from 1982 to 1992, he was totally dependent on Dr Eugene Landy, a Svengali-like psychotherapist, who had moved into his life ostensibly to help him with the mental problems precipitated by his drug You’ve caught a lot of flack for your comments about Black women, so we just have to ask -- do you hate Black women? I'm [the tile of his book and youth development program]. I did that interview on speakerphone and my mom was in my car with me. Why do you think the story of you hating on Black women picked up so much steam? There are probably lots of reasons, but I feel like that's what sells.I said the majority of what we, as a community, celebrate in the media, isn't worthy of our women. I've been out on the road with the UNCF, NAACP, and National Urban League doing Black Carpenter or working with little girls and boys in schools. I'm not trying to be famous; I'm trying to make a difference. In our community, it's very difficult to sell substance.We have expert bloggers and articles covering the steps you’ll take, questions, date ideas, conversation tips and much more to help you along the way.Brian speaks fluent French and Tagalog, and is competent in Spanish.My partner is a stay at home father, so if he wants to be on my health plan, or tax wise, or maybe on paper we want to have our I's dotted and our T's crossed, but emotionally neither of us really feels the need for it.


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