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If there's one thing Tom Jones enjoys as much as singing, it's chatting. His earliest memories are of tugging on his mother's sleeve at family weddings, asking when he could sing, and her saying he had to wait to be invited. Even then, he says, when he got up, he was aware of the effect he had on the little girls.

He's seen so much, met so many people, had such a lucky life, of course he wants to talk about it, he says. They made eyes at him, asked him what school he went to.

During season 1, Silas is fifteen years old and Shane is ten.

To support her upper middle class lifestyle, Nancy begins dealing marijuana to her affluent neighbors and friends.

I have never forgiven her forthat and never will."When she uttered these words, Crawford had beendead for ten years, and Davis, gaunt and wizenedfrom a stroke and a mastectomy, was almost 80. This amazing saga of love and possession began in1935 when Bette Davis was 27, and was cast by herstudio, Warner Bros, in the role that was to win herthe first of her Best Actress Oscars.

But in this rumbustious, vodka-fuelled interview, Tom Jones reveals - with apologies to the missus - that his lust for life (and the opposite sex) is as insatiable as ever We first meet in a London hotel. Black polo neck, black trousers, black shoes, strange black hair that looks as if it could be woven from acrylic, and black goatee.

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Asked in 1979 by areporter about the enemies she had made in themotion picture business, Davis replied: "Enemies? But what is lessknown is the reason for this antipathy.

He is accompanied by his son and daughter-in-law, Mark and Donna Woodward, the svengalis behind his renaissance over the past 20 years.

Not unusual: Tom Jones has enjoyed a career - and its trimmings - spanning almost five decades Jones, 68, also introduces me to a handsome elderly man with snow white hair, Don Archell, his personal assistant, then orders the first of his vodka martinis, and he's off. He grew up in Pontypridd in a Welsh mining community.

'When I used to get up for an hour a day, I would stand at the front door and see my mates playing, going up the hills.

Nancy's children, Silas and Shane, both attend Agrestic's public school in the early seasons of the show.


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