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Politicians first need to pass legislation to enable a plebiscite, which will — as ABC election guru Anthony Green writes — invoke the provisions of the electoral and referendum acts.The legislation would specify the way in which the ballot would be handled, and most importantly the question to be put to the public.Proponents of the status quo maintain such a landmark change to the definition of marriage should be put to the people, rather than being decided within the Parliament.Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull took a plebiscite to the election — a free vote in Parliament is not on the cards.Out of my share I got a Rickenbacker 4001 bass guitar that had been making eyes at me from a shop in Denmark Street. I used it on the Anarchy in the UK record and tour. Has there been a time in your life when you didn’t know how you were going to pay the bills? Before we got our record deal we were absolutely skint. until we found out that the milk float didn’t only deliver milk at five o’clock in the morning, it also used to deliver bread and cheese. If you could change any aspect of the tax system, what would it be? A private education for my two sons at the Ryde School on the Isle of Wight. What’s the one indulgence you couldn’t live without? The album featured hits such as the ebullient Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and tear-jerker Time After Time, the latter of which Lauper co-wrote.We used to live in our rehearsal place in Denmark Street, and we were starving . I’d create a special thing for artists and people of peculiar occupations where if they have one good payday only once ever in their lives, then they can spread their income out so the tax doesn’t all fall in one year. I like a nice whistle every now and then – you know, a whistle and flute? I get a statement once a year and they look like they’re ticking over all right. How much was your first record advance and what did you buy with it? I was more of a spender in my youth and I’ve learnt my lesson about that, because you don’t know what’s coming next. I moved into it in 1995 and bought the place upstairs, then knocked it through and added more bedrooms. I enjoy playing and I get invited to go to some really cool places. If you had to sum up your attitude to money in a single sentence, what would you say? Following a run of critically acclaimed shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Glen Matlock is currently recording his forthcoming album with David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick.

A ferry ride is the ultimate date for those who want a change of scenery with some sunshine and breezes flowing. It worked out at £35,000 profit per person per show, and we did the best part of 100 shows, plus we’d get merchandising money and other things on top. Not long after I left the Pistols I was skint and living in a squat, and I got summoned to Bush House with my accountant to a meeting with the tax authorities. My accountant, who was Jewish, said to me: “Be very careful what you say, Glen. Not then, not when it was inconvenient for me to do. And when we reformed in 1996 we did a reunion tour and I earned a lot from that.There have only been three plebiscites in Australian history — two relating to conscription during World War I, and one to choose a National Song in 1977.The Coalition can pass the legislation through the House of Representatives, using its slender majority of one vote. The Liberal and National parties need to convince nine senators to support the legislation. In 1983 the taxman came knocking for £35,000 to £40,000, which I didn’t have. The guy who was my tax officer – a nice old duffer of a bloke – his name was Mr Cheatem. Then I wouldn’t have had a massive mortgage on my shoulders at punitive interest rates when I wasn’t working. But I’m focusing on my mortgage because I’ve decided the best thing I can do is own my property outright, and I'm pretty much almost there. It’s just a three-bed maisonette in Little Venice [in west London] with a small garden.


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