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The issue of women’s safety in India has been in the news frequently lately.

Many women have expressed concerns about traveling there, and many more have opted not to go at all.

The house boat base in Alleppey is called “Finishing Point” on Google Maps and is around 20 minutes walk from the centre of Alleppey (or 5-10 minutes on a tuk tuk): The house boats usually depart around midday and return the following day at 8am.

If you go to the Finishing Point area after midday, you will only see the boats which have not been rented out.

There are several places in Kerala you can use as a base to start your house boat cruise, but Alleppey is the most well known and popular.

It has a large number of boats (around 1,000), which far outstrips demand for them.

On our fifth morning, we spent three hours wrestling our way through an 18-mile traffic jam in Bihar, a state known for its poverty and violence.

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Today, please welcome Candace Rardon, who spent many months traveling around India by herself, to discuss safety and solo travel in India.

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