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Ayano has an unhealthy obsession with you; she will take matters into her own hands in order to get you.

She will often bad-mouth other girls you have recently spoken to and try to sabotage your relationship with them.

Perhaps they tried to sedate it twice as it did not go down immediately.'The tiger also suffered spinal injuries, possibly from the JCB.

Let’s address the awkward, sexy elephant in the room at last: #Original Make Me Video.

Loyal members of the Britney Army are already well aware of the entire ordeal, but for those less familiar, a quick catch-up: the original video for ‘s lead single “Make Me… G-Eazy),” as teased by Brit Brit herself for weeks, was shot by the legendary David La Chapelle back in early June.

Like I said, I want to help you all as best as possible, but sometimes we are not going to agree and that’s okay!

I love a good dialogue, and if going back and forth with some of you can help anyone who has a question, I’m happy to do it!


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